Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

Dress: ASOS
Pregnancy Countdown Printable: Etsy

Photo taken at 31 weeks

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How far along: 32 weeks…and 5 days. But who’s counting. 😉

Baby size: Squash! Roughly 3.75 pounds and 15-17 inches long.

Total Weight Gain: 23 pounds

Gender: Girl

Movement: Oh yes, all the time! I don’t really feel kicks anymore but lots of rolling around and moving. She also gets the hiccups every night right around the same time! The first time it happened I didn’t know what was going on. It felt like the tiny kicks that I’d feel when she first started kicking but one right after the other for a few minutes at a time.

Symptoms: Lack of sleep and lots of bathroom breaks! Oh, and heartburn. I’d never experienced it prior to pregnancy and it seems to act up whenever I eat anything spicy. It’s a bummer, because I basically put Sriracha on everything.

Belly Button: Innie. I’m thinking it might just end up staying that way at this point.

Physical Changes: Not too much has changed since my last update other than the bump continues to grow each week!

What I Miss: Sleep. I’ll be really tired and so excited to go to bed but the second I lay down I just start thinking about a million things. Or I’ll wake up to go to the bathroom (2-3x a night at this point) and she’ll wake up too and her movements are strong enough now to keep me awake so I’ll start thinking/worrying about anything and everything all over again. The pregnancy insomnia is real, you guys. I’m hoping it’s helping me prepare for the major lack of sleep once she’s here!

Food Cravings: Sweet potatoes, salmon, and avocados. I’m not exactly craving these items but they’re what I’ve been eating the most lately. I’m enjoying eating healthy most of the time and I find that I get full a lot quicker since she’s taking up so much space.

Food Aversions: None.

What we’re most excited about: Just having her here! We’re almost finished with her nursery and my sister and aunt threw me the most beautiful and special baby shower two weekends ago (I shared a few photos from it below) where we were gifted a lot of the items we needed. Thank you so much to all of our family and friends! We’re starting to feel a lot more prepared in terms of what we have left to get done/need to purchase and now I’m just so anxious to meet her!

Baby Shower Dress: ASOS (on sale!)

The gorgeous tablescape. A huge thanks to my sister and Aunt Lauren for crafting all of the cute diaper cakes and flower centerpieces.

I can’t thank my Aunt Beth and sister enough for throwing me such a beautiful shower! Baby girl and I are so thankful and will never forget this special day.

What we’re least excited about: For me, it’s just the waiting at this point. The first and second trimester flew by but now that we’re wrapping things up with the nursery and what needs to be purchased and get done time is starting to drag. I’m trying to make the most of the time Colton and I have left just the two of us and we’re going to make it a point to go on date nights each week leading up to whenever I give birth.
Favorite Maternity Clothes: At this point, I’ve stopped buying anything maternity since I only have roughly seven weeks left and can’t justify spending the money on something I’ll be wearing for less than two months. With that being said, I may need to cave and buy a pair of maternity shorts because it’s already starting to heat up in Arizona! I’m still living in these maternity jeans from Target. They fit a little awkwardly at first because they run big so I felt like I was constantly having to pull them up but now that the bump is bigger, they fit great. Other than that, I’ve been wearing lots of lightweight cardigans, flowy tops, and comfy dresses that are non-maternity so I’ll still be able to wear them after giving birth. I’ve linked a few of my favorite items below.


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