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Happy Friday! I’m thinking of starting a new series each Friday with 20 of my favorite items under $100 and decided to try it out this week. I categorized the items by price: under $50, under $75, and under $100. And good news, most of the items are actually between $12 and $75! I’d love your input on if this type of post is something you’d like to see more of.

Does anyone have anything fun planned this weekend? It’s so crazy to think that this could be mine and Colton’s last weekend before becoming parents! My due date is just six days away, so baby girl could literally be here anytime! We were originally thinking we’d go on a date night but I’m really starting to feel uncomfortable and might just wanna relax by the pool and grill at home instead. And when I say “by the pool,” I mean on a raft IN the pool because it’s pretty much the most relaxing/comfortable thing to do at this point in pregnancy.

And while I’m on the topic of baby girl, I just wanted to share that I’ll have my last pregnancy update blog post up on Tuesday! I’ll be sharing our maternity photos as well as a sneak peek at her nursery.

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Brie

1. How cute are these lace-up sandals? They’re currently 15% off, making them under $50!
2. This leopard clutch is such a great designer dupe! I have this one and it’s so versatile, it works for all seasons and can easily be styled with so many different colors and prints. I can’t believe this one costs $230 less!
3. I recently purchased these sunglasses and LOVE them. I can’t believe they’re only $12! The rose gold ones are my favorite but they also come in three other colors.
4. One-shoulder tops and dresses are making a comeback and I definitely plan on adding this one to my closet to wear post-baby. The question is which color should I get? It also comes in white and for only $39 I may need to get both!
5. I’m a huge fan of Lush and own several styles and colors of their tunics. This one looks so comfy, comes in 4 colors, and would be perfect to throw on anytime I feel like I have nothing to wear.
6. I love the ruffle sleeves on this cute tee. It also comes in pink!
7. Off-the-shoulder? Check! Florals? Check! Under $50? Check! Yep, I need this top in my closet ASAP.
8. I’m absolutely loving this peplum top for Spring and Summer. It’s only $39 and would look so cute styled with these distressed white skinny jeans (under $60) and these lace-up sandals (under $50) for a budget-friendly outfit.

9. I found these super popular slip-on sandals in all sizes available for pre-order! I love the nude color (goes with everything) and pearl accents.
10. How gorgeous is this bag? I seriously can’t believe it’s under $60! P.S. It also comes in two other colors.
11. I already own (and LOVE) this cardigan in two colors but I’m really thinking I need the striped version. It’s so lightweight and perfect for Spring in Arizona.
12. I love, love, love this pretty bow top. It also comes in the cutest blue and white striped version.
13. It’s no secret I love anything and everything with ruffles and this pretty top is no exception. It also comes in a few other colors!
14. I’m such a huge fan of Articles of Society jeans. I have yet to find a better quality of budget-friendly jeans. Most pairs range from $59-$70! I own the Sarah style in a few different washes and will definitely be purchasing this distressed white pair.
15. I pretty much live in maxi dresses during the brutal Arizona summers and I love that this one can easily be dressed up or down. I love the ruffle details and the front slit. It also comes in an off-white color.
16. Another pretty maxi dress and this one comes in multiple colors and prints. I found even more colors here. Oh, and did I mention it’s only $55?!

17. How cute are these lace-up blush espadrilles? If pink isn’t your color, they also come in black and taupe.
18. Okay, I need these cute fringe wedges in my life. They’re $89.95 and also come in two other colors.
19. I’m loving the pretty eyelet detailing on this one-shoulder dress. It’s perfect for Summer and would look so cute dressed up with these wedges or styled more casually with these sandals.
20. Ruffles and off-the-shoulder? Yes please! I absolutely love this top and can’t decide if I like the blush pink or the light blue color better. What are your thoughts? They’re both so pretty!


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