31 Things On My 31st Birthday

31 things 31st birthday mommy daughter

Hi friends! Today is my 31st birthday so I thought it would be fun to share 31 random things you might not know about me. Some of them are funny, some of them are personal, and some of them are just super random! So without further adieu…

  1. I’m left-handed and have a lot of the traits studies show left-handed people typically do.
  2. I’m a Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie and haven’t missed a season since 2008. Who are you rooting for this season?
  3. Speaking of reality TV, I’m also a Survivor super fan! I can’t wait for a new season to start next week. I know a lot of people aren’t going to like me for this, but Russell is my favorite player of all time. I would never play the game like he did but it’s fascinating to me he made it as far as he did playing that way. You’ve also got to applaud him for being the best idol finder in the game!
  4. I’m a very routine person. Having a child has a taught me to go with the flow sometimes but I definitely thrive on a routine!
  5. I have an aunt (Lauren) that’s my age. She’s actually 4 months and 1 day younger than me and one of my best friends! My mom and my mom’s mom (my grandma) were pregnant together like in Father of the Bride 2. My grandma kept it a secret from my mom for almost 5 months and waited until after my mom’s baby shower to tell her because she wasn’t sure how she’d react! In all fairness, I can’t imagine my mom telling me she was pregnant when I was pregnant with Scottie! Here we all are shortly after Lauren was born. 
  6. I’d pick sweets over salty/savory any day…unless I’m in my first trimester of pregnancy. I think if I had to pick, my favorite sweet treat would be cake batter ice cream with gummi bears in a waffle cone from Cold Stone Creamery. I might have to treat myself tonight!
  7. Cold Stone Creamery was actually one of my first jobs…TCBY was my very first! What can I say? I wanted a job with good perks, and you can’t beat free ice cream. I love TCBY’s white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt and wish we still had them in Phoenix!
  8. I’m a major foodie and love trying new restaurants! I’m also that person who always reads the full menu and goes on Yelp to look at photos of all the dishes before trying a new place. We’re going to a new restaurant for my birthday dinner tonight and I already know what I’m ordering. Ha!
  9. I like crusts, the corner pieces, and burnt food the best! Basically, the crispier the better.
  10. I gave up drinking soda on December 31, 2017. I planned to give it up for a year as my resolution and then only have one on special occasions but I’m still going strong! I loved me some Fresca and drank two a day. Yikes! I definitely crave it more now that I’m pregnant but lemonade does the trick!
  11. As a child, I was constantly told I looked just like Shirley Temple. Do you see the resemblance? 
  12. Family is everything to me. One of the reasons we bought the house we did is to be much closer to family. Now my sister, my mom, and my aunt (the one that’s my age) all live within two miles of me! The other reason we bought it is a super sentimental & special reason I’ll save for another blog post.
  13. I love Raisin Bran and eat it every single day for breakfast…unless I’m pregnant. For whatever reason it just doesn’t sound very appealing to me while pregnant!
  14. I’m someone who sets 9,000 (that # is according to my husband, lol) alarms every morning. And I like to hit the snooze button a million times.
  15. Being a mom is my favorite title and greatest honor. It’s also the hardest job in the world! I love my Scottie Rose more than anything and nothing makes me happier than seeing her happy. mommy daughter
  16. I have horrible vision and actually wear glasses 90% of the time. I can’t wear contacts for more than a few hours at a time or my eyes get super dry, so I prefer glasses.
  17. I have a difficult time with change.
  18. I’m a bookworm and would pick a good book over a movie or TV show any day.
  19. I’m an introvert.
  20. I’m extremely sensitive which is one of the reasons I like to keep things pretty surface level around here. I’m trying to change that, but I definitely have a fear of criticism.
  21. I miss my dad and grandparents more than anything and think about them every single day.
  22. I love playing games! Board games, party games, card games…you name it, I’ll play it!
  23. I jumped off the high dive the first time when I was 2.5 years old.
  24. I absolutely love music but have zero rhythm. I also might be the worst singer you’ve ever met, lol.
  25. I have two much younger brothers. Mace is 8 and Maximus will be 14 in a few weeks! This photo was taken several years ago and Max is actually over 6 feet tall now!
  26. My favorite color is pink.
  27. My nickname (lovingly given to me by my family) is Sawyer, as in Tom Sawyer.
  28. I hold my husband’s thumb when I sleep. So weird, I know! I’ve always been a stomach sleeper and actually sleep with both of my hands under my hips when I’m not pregnant…Scottie sleeps the exact same way! When I got pregnant the first time, it was hard adjusting to sleeping on my side and the only way I could get comfortable was with Colton spooning me and I held his thumb. Now it’s the only way I sleep when I’m pregnant! Poor Colton, lol.
  29. If I weren’t a blogger/SAHM I’d be a party planner/event coordinator. I love hosting parties and have so much fun with the planning process! I want to incorporate more of that into my blog, and who knows, maybe someday I’ll pursue it as a career! I had so much fun planning Scottie’s first birthday, which you can see here
  30. I have a very good memory and always remember the smallest details.
  31. I graduated from ASU (go Sun Devils!) with a degree in Business Communications.

And there you have it! Did any of the 31 things surprise you and/or did you find that we have something random in common? If so, I’d love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading!

xo Brie


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  1. Melissa
    February 14, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    Loved this! I laughed at 9 because that’s TOTALLY me, burnt is best! Also 28, 29 and 30 are me as well! I thought I was the only one that slept like that!