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Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend! We’ve had a busy week and I’m so looking forward to relaxing without too much going on. We have an extremely busy May planned so I’m trying to enjoy as much downtime as I can this month!

Today, I thought I’d share all of my favorite Amazon purchases from January-March with you! It’s no secret I’m Amazon obsessed (who isn’t?!) and I absolutely love sharing all of my fashion finds from Amazon with you. But guess what? I don’t just buy clothing on Amazon. I’ve found all sorts of great products and most of the time they cost less than they do at the store. Which means I’m saving money AND I don’t have to run errands to get what I need. Win, win if you ask me! I broke the items up by category to make it easier if you’re looking for anything in particular! As always, please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


1. Kirsty Greenwood novels: Big Sexy Love, Yours Truly, and Lessons in Love and Romance: I’m a big reader but like to limit my selection to light-hearted easy reads when I’m pregnant because #hormones.  These books made me laugh out loud so many times! Funny story: A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night wide awake (pregnancy insomnia is a very real thing) so I decided to read a book. It was 2am and I was reading the most hysterical part of Big Sexy Love and just started laughing so hard I woke Colton up! If you read it, it’s the airplane scene that had me cracking up in the middle of the night! I had never read any Kirsty Greenwood books before but they were only $3.99 each on Kindle so I decided to read one and enjoyed it so much that I had finished all three within a week.

2. Monopoly Deal Card Game: Colton and I are huge gamers so when Emily shared this game in her Amazon Favorites post raving about how fun it was I immediately purchased it. My favorite part is that it can be played with two people so Colton and I don’t have to find someone else to play with us. I do think it’s more fun the more people you play it with! It’s easy to learn but still requires strategy and I think it’s way more fun than normal Monopoly and only takes around 15 minutes per game.


amazon acrylic tortoise shell earrings

3. Acrylic Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings: I wear these earrings anytime I want to elevate a neutral outfit and find myself constantly reaching for them! They’re only $8.99 and super lightweight!

4. 12-pack Blush Theme Velvet Hair Scrunchies: Who else is so excited that scrunchies are back? I’m loving all of the fun hair accessories out right now and scrunchies are at the top of my list. I ordered the blush theme ones and found that they’re all very true to color. I’m wearing one of the scrunchies and the earrings I talked about in #3 in the photo above.


5. Casual Off Shoulder Jumpsuit: You may have seen me rave about this jumpsuit here, where I declared it my favorite clothing item of 2019 so far. It is so comfy and flattering and only $21.99!


6. Portable Potty Training Seat: As of a few weeks ago, Scottie is officially potty trained! She started showing signs that she was ready in February so we decided to give it a try and were pleasantly surprised by how well she did with it. It’ll be nice to not have two in diapers! This portable potty training seat is a lifesaver for when we’re out in public. It folds up and comes with a carrying case which can easily fit into your diaper bag or tote and is only $14.99. It’s non-slip and has fit on every public restroom we’ve come in contact with! It’s also nice to have if your child goes to a sitter or grandparents house so you don’t have to worry about bringing their big seat with you every time.

amazon bow organizer

7. Girls Hair Bow Hanger Organizer: Scottie’s bow collection was getting out of control and I needed a way to organize them ASAP. I looked on Pinterest and was ready to make my own organizer when I found this one on Amazon for $8.39 which was less than it would’ve cost me to buy everything I needed to make my own! I have it hung on the back of her door with a command hook. It comes in several colors and different sizes.


amazon dryer balls

8. 6-Pack Reusable Wool Dryer Balls: In 2018, I made the decision to remove as many toxins from our home as possible. One of the items I quickly replaced were dryer sheets. I had originally been using the Young Living Seedlings Baby Wipes as a replacement which I also use for removing my makeup — they’re amazing! I decided to switch to dryer balls instead because I saw that they shorten your drying time and they totally have! I’d say my loads dry about 30% quicker since I started using them. I also love that I can use any oils I want to make my laundry smell fresh and clean. A few of my favorites include Lavender (especially on our sheets!), Citrus Fresh, Gentle Baby and Purification.  I typically use about four dryer balls per load and put 2-3 drops of oil on each ball. I then wait one minute before putting them into the dryer with my clothes so that the oil doesn’t stain anything. So easy!


mommy and me

9. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer: While this jumpsuit has been my favorite clothing item of 2019, this hair dryer has been my absolute all-time favorite purchase of 2019 so far! I’m actually thinking of dedicating an entire blog post to it with before and after photos of my hair when using it because I love it so much — please let me know if you’re interested! I used to never wear my hair straight because I felt like it looked so flat using a straightener and it took too much time to style with a round brush and normal blow dryer. This hair dryer is like a round brush and blow dryer in one and literally gives me a salon style blowout in under 15 minutes! I plan to take close up photos for a dedicated blog post but you can see what it looks like styled using just the hair dryer in the photo above. It’s seriously magical and at $59.99 it doesn’t break the bank!

10. Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Self Tan Water:  I shared about Vita Liberata Self Tan Mousse in My Top 10 Amazon Purchases of 2018 blog post but I recently tried their Invisi Foaming Self Tan Water and I like it even better! It goes on clear which means no tinting of your clothing after applying it and it gives me a deeper tan than the mousse did. When I switched to non-toxic products last year, I knew I needed to find a good non-toxic self tanner or I was going to stop using it since I literally slather it all over my body once a week. I’m so happy I found Vita Liberata products and can still tan without all of the toxins. Most of their products are rated a ‘0’ on the Think Dirty app!

And that wraps everything up! Have you tried any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts? And I’d love to hear what your must-have Amazon products are so I can check them out!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Brie


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