Pregnancy #2 Update: 27 Weeks

26 weeks pregnancy update
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Hi friends! I totally slacked on getting this post up last week which is why I’m holding a 26 week sign up instead of a 27 week sign. Between Colton’s birthday and hosting Easter we had lots going on! Speaking of which, I hope everyone had a great Easter. We had several family members in town and it was so fun to get spend time with them all this weekend! Since it’s already been 4+ weeks since my last pregnancy update, I thought I’d share how things are going.

How far along: 27 weeks

Baby size: A bunch of bananas (approximately 15 inches and 2+ pounds)

Gender: Baby GIRL!

Movement: All day, everyday, and loving it! She’s especially active at night when Mama is trying to go to sleep so I’m a little bit worried about not having a very good sleeper this time around, lol.

Symptoms: Mainly just nausea and a little heartburn at this point! Thankfully, I have a lot more energy and it feels so good to be back to blogging more regularly now!

Physical changes: Just continuing to get bigger and bigger! My skin has cleared up a lot and the only thing I can attribute it to is this miracle of a product. My sister recommended it after hearing rave recommendations to help for baby eczema but it worked for me too! I’ve also used it to help clear up any skin irritations Scottie has and will definitely be using it on this baby too. The best part is that it’s all natural!

26 weeks pregnant pregnancy updateWhat I Miss: Pretty much the same stuff as my last update — stomach sleeping, wine, not using the restroom constantly, and not feeling nauseous. We also went out to eat for Colton’s birthday this past weekend at a restaurant that serves sushi and seeing that really made me miss it.

Food cravings: Still drinking lots of lemonade, the sourness helps to settle my nausea. I’m also still loving sweets especially Red Vines licorice (red, of course) and McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cones. Other than that, I’m eating pretty much the same stuff I’d eaten pre-pregnancy.

Food aversions: None!

What we’re most excited about: Officially being in the third trimester next week! It feels so surreal that we’re actually starting to get pretty close to having this baby. I remember being so sick in the first trimester and feeling like July was forever away because the days would go by so slow and now it feels like it’s right around the corner and we have so much left to do!

What we’re least excited about: Everything we still need to do before baby gets here. We’ve literally done nothing to prepare yet. During my first pregnancy, I was pretty much finished with the nursery at this point and we haven’t even started it yet! Were any other second-time mamas much more relaxed about getting things done the second time around? I know part of it is knowing that we have the majority of the things we need since we already have lots of baby stuff from Scottie. I’m definitely still waiting for the nesting to kick in with this one!

Favorite Maternity Clothes: I haven’t purchased anything new since my last update but I’m still loving these shorts! I’ve got my eye on these girlfriend maternity jeans and this cute swimsuit.

Thank you all so much for following along on this exciting journey with us!
xo Brie


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