Our First Few Days with Sawyer

Sawyer’s Swaddle (other colors available here) and Hat // Scottie’s Shirt

Hi friends! These photos are long overdue as Sawyer will be six weeks tomorrow! Wheeeere did the time go? Colton actually had four weeks of paternity leave which was amazing. We enjoyed lots of family time and just taking it easy and relaxing – or as much as you can with a toddler and a newborn. 😉 I’ve really been soaking in all of the newborn cuddles I can this time around as I know how fast it goes. Scottie has been loving her new role as big sister and loves her baby “Soar Mar-E” aka Sawyer Marie.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few photos from our time in the hospital after Sawyer was born. My recovery was much better than with Scottie so I felt like I was really able to enjoy our time there and was so excited to go home when we got cleared. It was my first time being away from Scottie overnight and I missed her so much!

Sawyer was born at 8:51pm so Scottie didn’t come visit until the next day. I was so anxious for her to meet Sawyer and to see them together for the first time. She walked in looking so cute with her big sister scrubs on and hopped right up on my bed and asked to hold her baby sister. It was so sweet and watching them together is my favorite thing ever!

Sawyer has been the sweetest little baby since day one. We feel so blessed to add her to our family and I look forward to sharing more updates including her newborn photos and nursery reveal in the next week or two!

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